How to Make Chemex Brew: Complete Guide

chemex brew

The Chemex is a manual coffee brewing method that combines design, impeccable taste and ease of use. Here is our little guide to getting the most out of it!

What you need:


Heat at least 600 ml of water to 94 degrees (in the absence of a thermostatically controlled kettle, wait for the water to simmer). Fold your special Chemex filter using the following asymmetric method: three layers of paper on the spout side, one layer on the other. Position it on the Chemex.


chemex paper filter folding

Prepare the filter -  the pre-folded Chemex filter has 3 layers on one side and one layer on the other. The thicker side (three-ply) goes towards the side of the spout. To prevent the filter paper from giving a cardboard aftertaste to the coffee, it must be rinsed with hot water.


chemex guide

Place the Chemex on the scale and weigh 30g of ground coffee. Reset the scale to zero.


chemex bloom

Start your stopwatch. Start with a pre-infusion to wet the coffee: pour around 50ml of water over the entire grind and wait about 30 seconds. You will see bubbles forming, this step is called blooming.


final pour chemex

Then go up to 250ml of water in a circular fashion as if you were forming a spiral: go from the center to the edges and from the edges to the center, taking care to maintain a constant flow and to wet the whole of the grind but without that water does not pass under the edges of the filter. Wait about 1 minute for the coffee to flow.


Pour again so as to reach 500ml. Keep in mind that you must have finished pouring your water before 2 minutes 30.


chemex serve

Once the infusion is complete, remove the filter and stir the coffee in the Chemex in order to mix the oils well. Always wait for the coffee to drop a little in temperature to better perceive the aromas, then taste!

The total extraction time for a Chemex extraction should be between 3.30 and 4.30 minutes. If it is shorter the grind must have been too coarse, if it is longer the grind must be too fine.