How to Make Turkish Coffee: Step by Step Instructions

turkish coffee

Although its name is Turkish coffee, coffee does not grow in the territories of Turkey. The fact that this coffee is called Turkish coffee, is related to the different cooking methods developed by the Turks. It’s the Arabica coffee beans that are finely ground and used for Turkish coffee. And the process of making it is more like cooking the coffee rather than brewing it. Here is what you need:

  1. Cold filtered water
  2. Bravo Turkish Coffee
  3. Jezve or Arzum OKKA Minio Turkish Coffee Machine (optional) 
  4. Sugar (optional)

Instructions using the jezve

turkish coffee serve

  1. You bring the 75 ml (per cup)  of water without the coffee to the boil, then remove the cezve from the heat and add a teaspoon of Bravo Turkish coffee per cup.
  2. The coffee is then raised two more times with the coffee consecutively, removing the cezve from the heat between one boiling and the next.
  3. With the first boil with coffee, foam will come out that we must quickly pour into the cups with the help of a teaspoon.
  4. We return the jezve to the stove, lower the temperature to minimum and when it starts to boil again we fill the cups by half, pouring it over the foam, doing it in the traditional way.
  5. Again we heat the remaining coffee by boiling it for another 15 seconds, we add a teaspoon of cold water (many dispense with this option and simply let it rest) so that the grounds go to the bottom and we distribute it in the cups.

How is Turkish Coffee Served?

coffee cup

Although nowadays ordinary cups with saucer are used, the most traditional one is called a fincan and it does not have a handle, so it is placed in a metal container called a zarf

Turkish coffee is served together with a glass of water to drink normally before and after drinking it to cleanse the palate. On many occasions they serve it to you accompanied by a small portion of sweet, such as a Turkish delight or lokum. Turkish coffee is rarely drunk for breakfast, it is most often enjoyed throughout the day, preferably after lunch and dinner.

turkish coffee pour

You are more likely to like it if you love strong espresso than if you like filter coffee, but it never hurts to try new things in coffee! It can be the prelude to a fun afternoon with friends making Turkish coffee to transfer you to that oriental culture. It’s a ritual and a way of life for many people. Turkish coffee lovers understand importance of taking time out to sit down and enjoy freshly made coffee with friends and family.

Since it is served in a thin-rimmed cup, it cools slower than other types of coffee. It  is also more viscous, soft and aromatic. It can be easily distinguished from other coffees with its unique scent and special foam. It is considered by coffee lovers to be the only coffee that can be drunk by boiling. 

Instructions using the Arzum OKKA Mini

arzum okka minio

This coffee maker makes the process so easy and you don’t have to babysit the stove! It just requires some experimentation to get the coffee, sugar, and water ratios to your taste. The operation is like a pod coffee machine without the pods: simply put the water, coffee, and sugar in and hit the start button. You can brew one or two cups at a time, in three different sizes.

While it looks kind of like an exotic Nespresso machine, it doesn’t require capsules or pods but uses ground coffee. An important note, though- your average coffee grinder can’t reach a Turkish grind, and even commercial grinders may lack the burrs or settings to achieve the necessary fineness. However, you can get the required finely ground coffee from Ronita! We grind our beans with a stone grinder and achieve fineness that even commercial coffee grinders can’t get to. Order your Turkish coffee now and have it delivered to your doorstep, ground and ready to use!