How to Store Coffee Beans: Keep Your Coffee Fresh

coffee storage

It is better not to buy coffee beans for future use unless absolutely necessary. The optimal amount is considered to be enough for up to 4 weeks. By subscribing to our fresh coffee , you can always replenish your stocks on time! However, there are different situations, so it is still advisable to know where, how much and how to store coffee at home so that it does not lose its taste and aroma.

Where is the best place to store coffee beans?

airscape coffee container

If you intend to use the coffee beans for a couple of weeks after opening the package, they need to be stored in a clean, dry glass or ceramic airtight container. Check out our AirScape airtight coffee containers - they will keep your coffee fresh and full of aroma! 

It is also undesirable to use plastic and metal, as coffee can acquire an unpleasant aftertaste and change its smell. For green beans,  you can store them longer than roasted beans, and use not only glass and ceramics, but also linen bags. During storage, both coffee beans and ground coffee must be protected from foreign impurities, especially for single origins, each of which has a pure taste and aroma inherent only to them. In order to do this, it is necessary to undergo a thorough cleansing not only of the particles of the previous coffee, but also of its smell.

Coffee does not like sunlight, so the container should either have an opaque surface or be in a dark place, such as a kitchen cabinet. Temperature and humidity are also of great importance for the preservation of taste and aroma properties. Choose a storage location that is dry, but not hot and free from extreme temperature fluctuations.

What About Ground Coffee?

ground coffee

It is strongly recommended that you consume your ground coffee within two weeks of opening the package. If you grind your beans at home we suggest on demand grinding - you should ideally grind your beans when you are making coffee and not for future use. 

  1. It is always best not to store ground coffee.
  2. As a good practice, you should grind your coffee just before you brew it.
  3. It is important to use the correct grind size for your brewing system. If beans are too fine or too coarse you will not generate maximize flavour.  
  4. If you need to have your coffee pre-ground, whenever possible store it at room temperature in a vacuum-sealed container that is made of materials that won’t impart unwanted flavours to your coffee (ceramic is ideal).

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Control temperature and humidity

The room temperature should be neither too hot nor too cold. Coffee, whether ground or bean, cannot withstand extreme temperatures. Thus, any form of storage in the refrigerator or too close to the oven must be avoided.

Even in a well-sealed jar, the oils in the coffee could be affected by temperature, giving the coffee a more bitter flavor. The primary purpose of conservation is to preserve these oils. Almost all coffee storage tips work in this direction. Knowing this, it also goes without saying that despite being a popular option, storing coffee in the freezer is not recommended.

Regarding humidity, roasting coffee beans allows, among other things, to eliminate the presence of this one. However, ground coffee is very fragile and is easily affected by humidity, even in small doses.