Single Origin vs Blend - Which One To Buy?

single origin coffee

Among our range of coffee, you will find single origin and blend coffees.

Whatever your choice may be, they have been carefully picked to meet our criteria of high-quality beans and eco-responsible requirements, to obtain different aromatic and taste profiles. But what are the differences between the two? 

What are the main differences?

1.Different Flavours

coffee bean

Single origin coffee (such as our Calima Colombian) has a unique and incomparable flavor because it comes from a specific place and producer. Coffee blends, on the other hand, combine a variety of different coffee beans to create a well-balanced flavor profile. Single origin coffee is known to taste more exotic and daring than a blend of coffee.

2.Purity and quality

Coffee beans that are blended together provide a mixture of different flavours opposed to one exclusive taste. Single origin coffee is extremely pure as it comes from only one place and is not combined with any other type of coffee bean. 

3.Place of origincoffee origin

As mentioned above, single origin coffee is purchased from one producer, crop or region of a country, while coffee blends come from a variety of places and mixed crops.

4.Seasonal availability

Different types of coffee have a specific season for their cultivation and production. The season is important and has an effect on the flavor profile of the coffee! Coffee blends can be commonly purchased throughout the year, while single origin coffees can be found seasonally depending on where the coffee beans are grown and where they come from.


Unsurprisingly, single origin coffee is slightly more expensive than blend coffee due to the way it is produced and handled with care. Additionally, single origin coffee has a more specific and specialized flavor profile that is highly desired by many around the world. Therefore, because it comes from a place, its taste, and the way it is handled, people are willing to pay more for it.

The advantages of Single Origin coffee


Due to the single origin coffee that comes from only one place in the world, the unaltered taste of coffee can be traced back to its own history. For example, if you receive Colombian single origin coffee, you can trace where the coffee was originally purchased and find out how it was produced.

2.Unique flavor

For each region, crop or producer, all flavors differ depending on how the single origin coffee is produced and where it comes from. Ethiopia, Peru, Vietnam, Kenya and many other beautiful exotic regions add a unique and special flavor to their coffee beans that cannot be matched anywhere else.

Pros of Blend Coffee

  1. Variety of flavors that complement each other

If you are the type of person who loves to explore and experience a wide variety of coffee flavors, drinking a blend of coffee may be perfect for you. It's essentially a bunch of different coffee beans combined to form a delicious, balanced flavor. Not only is it delicious, but you can also experience little hints of many different regions of the world.

  1. Easier accessibility

Coffee blends are most reliable when sold throughout the year. If you go to the store or search for coffee online, you are more likely to find coffee blends frequently.

Which one to buy?

Real coffee lovers will be happy to have both depending on what they feel like having, however, most people have a clear preference of one over another. Do you want your coffee from a single origin with an exclusive flavour or like it blended with other beans to offer you a rich mixture of different tastes? To decide, it's best to actually try them. Browse through our selection of single origin and blend coffee beans and find the perfect match for you! You can also try out our sample box and try both types yourself!