Coffee Machine Descaling

descaling coffee machine

Are you a lover of good coffee? Then the chances are you have a coffee machine in your home with which to enjoy a delicious hot coffee. There is nothing more pleasant than waking up in the morning to the pleasant smell of fresh coffee! To keep your coffee fresh and tasty, you need to clean it periodically. 

In constant contact with water (even bottled and filtered water) scale (limescale) begins to form on the heating element in coffee machines, which leads to deterioration in the operation of the device and the coffee prepared in it. To prevent this from happening, coffee machines should be cleaned properly. 

The process of cleaning the scale is called descaling and some high-end coffee machines come with a self-descaling function which allows you to easily remove limescale and deposits in the coffee maker by pressing one button. 

If the function of self-cleaning the coffee maker from scale is not available, you should clean it yourself, while you can use both coffee cleaning products from manufacturers of coffee makers or folk remedies that have proven themselves well over the long years of their use, so we will consider them in more detail.

Descaling Coffee Machine: What You Need

descaling product

You will need a  commercial descaling product to get rid of all the scale in your coffee machine. 

Before you decide on an approach, you need to check your coffee machine’s owner’s manual to see what’s allowed/what’s not. Your specific brand and model might have certain restrictions. 

Most coffee machine manufacturers sell their branded descalers or would recommend a specific descaler suitable for your machine. Often, these descalers come in liquid or tablet form.

Manufacturers often advise against using third-party brands or homemade descalers especially during the initial warranty period on your machine. Using a recommended descaler reduces the chances of introducing harmful acids that can corrode your machine as well as forfeit your warranty. Always ensure that your descaler is non-toxic and residue-free.

Step-by-step cleaning instructions using descaling product:

  1. First, you need to disconnect the coffee machine from the power.
  2. Then take out the water container and rinse it under a strong stream. After that, pour inside the descaler (for the amount required for the process, see the user manual.)
  3. Place the water container in the device and turn it on.
  4. If your machine has a function for automatic descaling, you just have to turn on the appropriate program. To find out how to do it correctly, take a look at the instructions. If you do not have such a function: wait 15-20 minutes and turn on the coffee preparation process without adding raw materials. Repeat this process as often as necessary
  5. Now you need to turn off the coffee machine. Remove the water container and rinse it under high running water.
  6. Now let's move on to rinsing. Fill the tank with the maximum amount of clean water and activate the drink preparation mode. Repeat the process until you have used up all the water. It is recommended to repeat this step one more time (remembering to rinse the liquid container).

Cleaning the grinder 

descaling coffee machine

The maintenance of your coffee machine with a grinder also involves cleaning the grinder. In order to keep a clean coffee machine , it is also essential not to neglect the grinder, which is one of the centerpieces of your machine. And as you know, coffee is rich in oils. Once ground, it will deposit these oils on the blades of the grinder. 

In order to keep a clean grinder, it is necessary to clean the blades. To do this, nothing could be simpler, you will simply have to equip yourself with the Caffeto Grinder cleaner which will allow you to clean the residues and absorb the grease. No grinder disassembly required. Cleans grinder burrs and casings to improve grinder performance and extend life of grinder burrs. Gluten free, 100% natural grain based proprietary formula – no binders or chemicals used in processing.

Cleaning the milk steamer

Does your coffee machine have a milk steamer? It is therefore important to clean the parts through which the milk passes . Otherwise, say hello to bacteria in your coffee! We advise you to avoid food poisoning by regularly cleaning the milk system of your coffee machine.

You will need this milk steamer solution to thoroughly clean your steamer.

A clean steamer is the guarantee of successful milk froth without bad taste. Some machines have an automatic cleaning which will inject very hot water and / or steam into the ducts to loosen these residues. However, I cannot encourage you enough to use the milk cleanser anyway to remove 100% of the residue and bacteria.